Why We Keep At It

I certainly didn’t start this year aiming to do this much races. As the year approaches its final month, it doesn’t appear that I’m stopping. It’s been increasingly challenging at work, and with weekday runs sacrificed to the Big Corporation and family, the significance of races or any weekend running becomes almost critical to my well-being. Even as the body and mind scream for rest after yet another crazy week, the more I find myself tearing away from the bed.

The race keeps my motivation going. Running resets my being. It’s like an ageing hard disk needing a defrag. Any time spent out there, purges the negativity and worries gnawing away throughout the week. Nevermind the same worries will return when the weekdays resume, but at least for the few hours, the weekend, I’ll be free. I don’t expect non-runners to understand this. For every runner out there doing the same thing, there are way more who seek to party, drink or sleep-in as their form of release.

Well, to each his own.

So this Saturday, I’ll be heading out of the house again at 4am. I’ll hook up with my friends. We will run the same hilly course as last weekend’s race yet it will not be as difficult this time around because the pace will be easy. The company will be good and we will finish the run strong. It will be therapeutic.

Published: November 5th, 2014.