Reach Out Run 10K 2015

All, except for 2 elevation addicts, are Gold Coast-bound in a couple of weeks’ time!
This event wasn’t in the plans but since Sony Malaysia was one of the sponsors and the GC team was part of the Smart B-Trainer (SBT) trialling group, the 8 of us found ourselves at Putrajaya early Sunday morning. We had planned for a 9K pre-run before the 7:30am start but had to call it off due to the photo session with the Sony team.

The weather was wonderful with a strong breeze which kept things cool and there were signs of rain. It eventually drizzled though conditions never got as rough as during the Shape Run. Since I’d started my taper, this short run was to be a workout based on my marathon pace, and not an all out 10K race. Having entered the desired pace into the SBT and sync over 150 songs to it, I was raring to give the device a good runout. Prior to the start we had a group photo with the Sony team.

With the Sony Malaysia team. Photo credit: Diane Cheah
The turnout was poor. Heavy rain in most parts of the Klang Valley no doubt confined many to their beds. The first K was a frustrating affair having to weave my way through the slow runners/walkers. I’d thought that since I wasn’t racing, I’d start from the middle of the crowd and go with the slower pace. As it turned out, there was no etiquette to be found here and the front was littered with run-walkers. Regardless, by the 2nd K, I was clear and running according to the planned pace. The SBT read out the data accurately when compared to my watch. The Sony’s voice guidance worked very well and kept me informed of the fluctuations in my pace which I held for all of the splits except for the last 2Ks when I dropped them to under 4:40 for a sub 50-minute finish. The weather was fantastic, and route was way better than the TM Fan Run’s. I kept pace discipline, running form was good and the final kick was fun. So despite running sockless which ended with skin rubbed raw near the left big toe, I crossed the line with a smile.

Thanks to Sony Malaysia for the complimentary entries to the run. Looking to put the Smart B-Trainer to more use before posting up a review. For now, I can say that the device is a legit entry to the running accessory market.

Note: Followers of my blog will know that I’m an advocate for safe usage of music devices when out running. Always exercise commonsense and caution. Maintaining situational awareness at all times is paramount to one’s safety.