Gold Coast Asics Half Marathon 2013

After 2 years of participating in the main event, I decided to take a cue from TLC’s song and put aside the pursuit of goal times in the marathon for the year.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all,
But I think you’re moving too fast.

While dreams are there for everyone to strive towards, nothing is ever owed to us. There’s a price to pay in training and a goal put on-hold doesn’t mean giving up or the absence of pursuing another different one. It’s all about rolling with the punches. Re-adjust and move on. Who knows, spending some time not fretting about an obsession may hopefully yield the results I’m looking for sometime down the road.

It would be a quick trip down under for me, saving my vacation days for the family in December. Once we arrived at the Gold Coast Airport, we were whisked to the hotel to drop our bags and then to the expo to pick up our race packs. The expo has grown over the last few years and this year, the exhibitors were really giving some sweet deals to shoppers. That done, it was all free for the rest of the day and we wandered around Surfers looking for a late lunch.

At the expo.
Met Bret Butler (President of Knox Runners Club of Melbourne) and his wife at the expo.
Compression wear companies were throwing prices at the expo. I didn’t buy any because I had strong will-power 😛
Cold? Who said it was cold?!
This blog is not (yet) sponsored by Olympus.

The next morning, pick up was early at 4:30am so that we won’t be caught by the road closures and bigger crowds. I found myself among the 8,000 strong half marathoners facing the direction of Runaway Bay, instead of Burleigh Heads. I expected conditions to warm up significantly as the race progresses therefore I was just in a single layer of running tee, a pair of arm warmers just to keep things from being too cold and shorts. No calf sleeves and I decided to go with the GOSpeed just to see how it feels like. Pre-race fuel was a Clif Bar washed down with orange/mango juice. Tucked into my shorts was a single gel and in my hand, the TG-2 to capture some photos. I approached the race in a very low key manner and all that sort of thing, as you can see.

Portion of the MY contingent ready to rock.
The crowd behind me at the start. The large presence from Japan meant the GCAM starts will always have a Japanese feel to it.

I couldn’t spot the 2-hour pacers anywhere, undoubtedly swallowed up in the sea of runners. It would take me 4 minutes to cross the start line but after that point the pace quickly picked up. Everyone was just running briskly so even with the large group of runners, there wasn’t a feeling of being impeded. I just went along at an aerobic pace. 10 minutes into the race and the sun started to peek over the horizon. There was just a little breeze to keep things cool.

Soon enough I found myself latching on to a couple of runners – one in form-fitting fuchsia singlet and another in a pair of grey 3/4 pants. Both were passing runners regularly and were at about the pace I was moving. The plan if there was any to start with, was to hydrate according to thirst yet be mindful of the dehydration in the dry wintery conditions. The first station was a little too early, so I skipped that one. Reached the second one soon enough and took in some water. Spotted the 2-hour pacers with their dark green (or was it black) balloons before the first u-turn at Lae Drive (Runaway Bay) and picked up the pace just a tad slightly. I didn’t want to chase them and I wasn’t even very conscious about my actual pace. All these while I was trading leads with the 2 women I had my sights on.

Tailing Ms Fuchsia. I know the color doesn’t look like it in this shot.
These folks, already on the return, were hammering it under sub-1:30 pace. Body size and age don’t matter, really. Shoes too, as that dude in Hoka showed.

Meanwhile I was enjoying taking photos and was even playing around with different modes of shooting! It was really easy covering the miles briskly and being distracted by the camera. Once the 2nd u-turn was tackled at Paradise Point I briefly thought of just slowing down, walk or just taking my time at the aid stations just because I was being so casual about the whole affair. However, I caught myself from doing that almost instantly – somehow the competitive nature in me hadn’t been purged entirely. I took a peek at the watch at 11K mark and thought that if I kept this shindig going, I could actually end up with a pretty decent timing.

Hairpin turn and all the way back to the finish!

Here’s to my Pacee! Overtaking the 2-hour pacers. Vamonos!

I rolled the arm sleeves down my sweaty arms and dug into the race. Passed the 2-hour pacers with 3.5K to go when they stopped at aid station. I reckoned they ran too fast and had to pause for a little in order not to finish too much under the goal time.

I clicked off frame after frame of shot as I counted down the remaining miles and made it a point to no longer look at the watch. Rounding off a couple of turns and the finishing chute came into view. The sight never gets old, really. From the photos, I definitely looked like a goldfish out of water but I was very glad for the effort I put in. It wouldn’t be my PR but one of my quickest efforts in a long while.

A few more steps!
That’ll do it!
Someone told me this dude’s cute.
Not bad at all 😀
The obligatory “toast”.

Weather had been near perfect – the 6am start certainly helped as it began to warm up significantly soon after. Grabbed a bottled water, some orange slices and a banana and headed towards the Suncorp Bank tent to collect a neat lawn sheet before collecting my baggage before doing what the Aussies were doing – soaking in the sun on the expansive lawn and watching Yuki Kawauchi’s assault on the lead pack unfolded.

Now that I’ve added the Half Marathon medal and t-shirt into my collection there’s a temptation to include the 10K ones into it. Really enticing. The following day was action packed – from an early recovery run in the direction of Southport followed by a boat ride out to the sea to marvel at our wondrous mammals of the ocean before heading up into the sky to the Q1 Observation Deck. Dinner was at a swanky restaurant at QT.

Distance covered in the 3.5-hour whale watching boat ride was over 60K!
View to the South from the 77th Floor of Q1.

These fellas have no fear. They did the Skypoint Climb
I took the liberty of ordering Tey a lager. I settled for a Pinot. Can’t remember which red Christina had.

I’d like to thank Tourism and Events Queensland for hosting my visit and stay, and to my fellow travelers who provided some great company. Change your Aussie Dollar now and see you next year?

And er.. there’s a Gold Coast 100K and a few quite noteworthy trail ultras in the Nerang Hills too for those who just need to run a few more yards than a marathon!