Mission: Mentor A Marathon Virgin!

The KLCC Park is just one of many conducive locations in the city to run.
The KLCC Park is just one of many conducive locations in the city to run.

Our collective mission: Increasing the number of marathoners in this country!

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to engage a beginner runner with the intention of mentoring him or her from the 10K or 21K distance to the marathon. Being a marathon veteran you should employ a progressive plan in your approach and not force the beginner to a program/distance he or she is not ready for. Your initial approach can be subtle or direct, that’s all up to you since you’ll know your protege better.

As a role model to this person, you should be able to recognize the symptoms of overtraining, injury and lack of motivation. In fact you should take pre-emptive actions to prevent those setbacks from happening in the first place. A few suggested methods are to have the person start a blog to document his journey and have regular group runs. You should share your experiences with your protege including tips on gear, diet, rest and common mistakes committed by marathon newbies. Don’t forget to warn the newbie on the pitfalls of setting a finishing time for their debut marathon. You’re encouraged to work with your protege to set *S.M.A.R.T. progressive goals leading up to the objective – the 2015 Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

This provides sufficient time for the newbie to be comfortable with the shorter distances and gain valuable confidence leading up to the big one. In order to safeguard against attrition or drop outs, it is suggested that you plug yourself and your charge into a group training setting. There are many running groups out there which will welcome you.

This message will not self destruct after reading. Instead you’re most welcome to link to it and spread the word amongst your marathoner friends, so that there will be more virgins out on the roads of KL come October next year!

Good luck!

The following objectives also count toward your Mission Credits:

  1. Get a non-runner to complete a 10K. Goal race: any 10K race 3 months from commencement of training.
  2. Get a 10K runner to upgrade to the Half Marathon.
  3. Get a Half Marathoner to upgrade to the 30K. Goal race: Pacesetters 30K.

*S.M.A.R.T. – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound

Published: January 3rd 2015.