Book Review: R Is For Running By Ray Charbonneau

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First of the two books by Ray Charbonneau that I’ve just completed is “R Is For Running: A Primer For The Footsore“. You’ll have guessed correctly from the title that the publication is a lighthearted one.

Charbonneau shapes the book – more a booklet actually – in the format of a 4-lined stanza per alphabet, easily consumed in one sitting or over 26 days at one alphabet a day dosage.

Non-runners or newbies may not be able to catch some of the tongue-in-cheek humour but recite the verses in a room full of seasoned road warriors, and you’ll see knowing nods all round. The chuckle factor varies quite a bit from some pretty average takes to succinct ones. For example the one on DNF closes with the advice to “go home to mend” which is the best thing for one to do.

I found myself wishing for more examples. For example the letter T was represented by “Trophy” when “Taper” could’ve been included. Perhaps the additional material could be used for a follow-up ?

So what’s my favourite alphabet? It’s got to be “E”.

E is for Endorphins
The runner’s high
They’re what we’re all chasing
One answer to “why”.

And don’t let anyone whistle the Sesame Street theme while you read that!  You can find “R Is For Running” at this link .

Originally published: May 28th, 2012