Week 1/12

In order to be a coachable student, one has to adopt a few good practices:

  • Be accountable.
  • Be humble. Reading volumes of books and plans do not make for a good runner. You’ve got to be able to take feedback.
  • Maintain 2-way communication. Work with your coach. I keep my CM apprised after every workout, from actual pace metrics to how I feel. This blog is also a medium for him to check on my progress.
  • Stick to the plan. If it calls for 10 Easy, don’t run a 10 Tempo. A little deviations are normal but there’s a reason why some runs are easy and some are harder, and where they’re scheduled within a week or training cycle.
  • Be smart. Understand the purpose of the workout. This is where book knowledge helps a little but it may not be the case every time. A coach will be able to detect nuances in performances and adjust the plan accordingly. This is where the open communication bit comes into play.

Tuesday Tempo (Tempo pace is 5:00)

  • 10-min warm-up
  • 20-min tempo
  • 10-min cool-down

Distance covered: 6.46km
How it went: Easy jog and dynamic warm up, followed by 20-min tempo segment. Target was 5:00 but I averaged 4:57. Close enough! Lost a bit of form towards the end but this is still early in the training. I’ll get stronger. Wrapped up with a cool down of skips, high-knee plyo drills and short jog.

Easy Wednesday
Distance covered: 6.5K
How it went: Relaxed run. Kept the average HR to 134. Wrapped up with some high knee drills, butt kicks and stretching the adductors, hams, quads.

Thursday Reps
Distance covered: 7.8K (5x800m, including warm up and cool down)
How it went: Key was to run 5×800 (Yassos) in 3:45. In order to have a smooth execution, I had to drive out to where Tesco is located. The large plot of square accords around 1.2K, which means a loop will cover the 800m and the 400m recovery jog. The rep block was sandwiched between warm up and cool down. Ran by feel rather than the watch and was able to cover 3:25 (approx 20 secs quicker than planned) sustainably over the 5 reps.

Easy Friday
Distance covered: 5.2K
How it went: Kept it easy @ 6:22 pace

Tempo Saturday
Distance covered: 10.4K
How it went: Instead of 30 Tempo, a deal was struck with C-M on maintaining MP for the Peace Run at Cyberjaya. Started too quickly but eventually, slowed down (in part due to the route and unpreparedness for a 10K) and completed the distance at an average of 5:20 (MP!)

Long Sunday
Distance covered: 17.01K
How it went: Great. Legs were good despite the torture the day before. Compression wear will continue to feature greatly in this #GCAM17 training. Very humid morning and drank a fair bit. The final K was aborted as the track was closed for an event.

Number of days of running: 6
Total mileage: 53.5K
A good start to the program. Looking forward to Week 2!


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