Week 5/12

Tuesday Tempo (Tempo pace is 5:00)

  • 10-min warm-up
  • 20-min tempo
  • 10-min cool-down

Distance covered: 6.8km
How it went: As usual, getting off the blocks were tough. At some points I even thought this was how “tough” is supposed to feel. Indeed the pace were a little off by 4-6 secs but I dug in and reeled in 2Ks under 4:50 to secure an on-the-dot 5:00 average. Some days I don’t know how I did it. Continued a little while more with a 500m cool down jog and dynamic stretches. Refueled with Endurox back home.

Easy Wednesday
Distance covered: 6.35K
How it went: Started slightly late due to the rumbling and flashing skies. A little tired but scraped through the easy run. Note: Since it was a public holiday, I’d wanted to combine the easy session with the following day’s hill repeats. However, I was unable to switch into gear, thus just stuck to the assigned workout of the day. Somehow I still logged the last 4Ks under 6 mins pace.

Thursday Hill Repeats
Distance covered: 6.35K
How it went: I was finally floored by a workout! Didn’t manage to complete the 6 reps of 400m hill attacks, only 4. With the 3K (against a planned 5K) warm up eating up too much time, I had to rush home to get the kids ready for school and myself ready for work. The nearest hill to the home is a badass. It starts on a gradual gradient before a sharp 150m rise before a short flat section provides a bit of relief. It’s not over yet as one will still need to run another 50m of the 2nd climb before closing off the 400m. After making a bit of a mess with the watch settings, I overran the first rep by a fair bit. Regardless, I restarted the programmed workout on the Garmin and hit the following reps at 5:07 > 5:10 > 5:10 paces. HR per rep hovered in the mid-160s but recovery were surprisingly quick. It wasn’t disappointing to not be able to complete the entire workout. Had I more time, I’d have nailed the 6 even if I won’t be able to run up at 5K race pace. It is a badass hill!

Saturday MP (MP is 5:19)
Distance covered: 10.6K
How it went: Started off with a 2K warm up before getting the 8K done. The 1.2K loop adjacent to Tesco made for an ideal spot to work on pacing. Taking audible cues from the watch beeping (I’ve set a workout with pace parameters), I didn’t look at the watch a single time. All by perceived effort. Post workout analysis showed that I averaged 5:15 for the MP segment.

Long Run Sunday
Distance covered: 30K
How it went: Got the sad news of the passing of a former classmate and all-round fun guy just as I was got into bed. I immediately knew that this 30 will be in his memory. Not a yard short, no short cuts. At 5:15am, I didn’t expect 3 to turn up, but there they were – Chiam, Nick, Kok Lin. That made 4. The plan was 5 loops of 6K and we kept an average of 6:14 the first 20K. I felt very relaxed at this pace, almost effortless. I had been running per perceived effort, without so much as peeking at the watch for just a handful of times. Chiam was the first to stop, since he has a marathon next Sunday, then Kok Lin and it was down to Nick and I. Not wanting to stop longer than I should, lest cool-down set it, I started the final loop before Nick. All splits from 21K to the finish, with the exception of 1 were logged at sub-6min pace. I struggled a bit towards the end due to the sun but overall, it was a satisfying run. Got in a good breakfast before heading home to clean up. Managed to nap for 15 mins before getting down to work till 6pm. I enjoyed the solitude at home with the family out of the house, which is a rare thing.

Number of days of running: 5
Total mileage: 61.8K
Notes: After 4 weeks of training with a ladder mileage (57K x 2, 67K x 2), I knew I needed a way overdue cut back to recover before making the next level. Cutting back is one of a runner’s worst insecurity. Little do they realize that without cutting back every 3 weeks, the body just couldn’t recover and reap the benefits of training. With the body constantly in a stressed mode, it’ll be a matter of time before injuries and staleness creep in. So I took an extra day off, which was Friday. My intention was to get back to the high 50’s. But I only made it as low as 61K, which meant just a 6K reduction from the previous week’s. With SCKLM next Sunday (I’m just doing the Half at MP), mileage won’t be hitting the 70’s just yet.

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