Week 6/12

Steady Tuesday
Distance covered: 7.7km
How it went: Had a case of a bit of the sniffles and decided to play it safe, but without taking things too easily. I knew I won’t be able to stick to the 5-min tempo pace, and so went with a steady run with a focus at sustaining it for 7K. Ran by feel without looking at the watch. Warmed up at 6:18 before upping the pace to 5:39 > 5:28 > 5:21 > 5:23 > 5:16 > 5:07. Average HR was fine until 4K mark when it went over 150bpm. This calls for an earlier bedtime tonight.

Easy Wednesday
Distance covered:
How it went: If you follow football, you’ll know that Jose Mourinho has been harping on Man United’s schedule congestion as an excuse for his side’s underperformance. After throwing in the towel too easily at the slightest challenge to my past marathon training, this time I remain defiant at the face of the ridiculous onslaught at work. The morning’s run was one such case. The wife needed to be in the office by 9am (we share the same car and would usually will only get in by 9:30) and thus the eldest kid had to be dropped off earlier than usual. My entire schedule had to be brought forward. In the past, I’d kiss the day’s workout goodbye but this time around, it resulted in me being out there at 5:15 trying to get in 30 mins of easy running. Some miles are better than zero miles. It’s about being consistent and thus essential that I get it done in the morning – I’d be totally beat by the time I left the office.

Mixed Thursday
Distance covered: 8.73km
How it went: Someone up there must’ve been snooping around my running log because the winds were so strong  and threatening this morning (and it rained too) that I decided to skip the workout. Packed my gear for a treadmill session which I managed to get in, in the evening. It was a strange one, probably because I messed up the controls. I’d wanted this to be a Cruise Interval session (4×2.4K at LT pace, with 50 secs recovery) but in the end with the machine’s dials all messed up due to my tweaking it, the session turned out to be some sort of rojak. From a slow 6:40 to 5:00. I can’t be sure anymore. Just run according to approximation and was bloody glad to just wrap it up.

Honda Half Marathon
Distance covered: 21.43km
How it went: Race report here.

Number of days of running: 4
Total mileage: 43.3K
Notes: It wasn’t a great week in terms of number of days run, but I try to keep things in perspective. I was tired and was probably already down with a mild cold but didn’t realize it. Instead of pushing through with the planned sessions, resulting in a longer downtime and extended deviation from the training plan, I decided to observe how I felt and adjusted the workouts accordingly. Friday was supposed to be an easy one and Saturday a short steady run with pickups to perk up the legs for Sunday’s Half Marathon. But on both days, it rained in the morning and I took it as a sign to rest.

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