Week 7/12

Tuesday Recovery
Distance covered: 10.07km
How it went: Quads were very tight and sore yesterday which wasn’t helped by by seated most of the day due to meetings with the auditors. This morning’s run started almost at a crawl but everything loosened up after 5K. Glad to start the week with a 10. I’ll keep the focus to longer easy runs until the legs are fully recovered.  Judging from the HR, I’ll need a few more days.

Easy Wednesday
Distance covered: 6.38km
How it went: Eased back into pace work. Left quads were more or less recovered while there’s still some soreness on the right. Felt ok generally. Quite satisfied with the recovery rate. Should be able to carry out a 5K MP tomorrow.

2-6-1 MP
Distance covered: 9.4km
How it went: Quad soreness was absent at the start but returned a bit when the MP phase kicked off. Otherwise it was a decent run with a little too fast midsection. In actual fact the quads is an issue I must resolved through some strengthening regimen. I noticed that they were prevalent whenever the pace picked up directly related to the ground impact as I land and push off in greater force. It will certainly be a factor over the course of a marathon.

Easy Friday
Distance covered: 8.34km
How it went: Bad sleep. With the work stress, fighting 3-hour pre-Ramadan traffic daily, trying to stay consistent in training and staving off a cold, quality sleep has been sadly lacking. As a result I found myself awake 4:30am recent mornings. I was this close to staying in bed and trying to salvage a bit more time on it on account of such poor nights. But I couldn’t convince myself to do so. I told myself that since it’s all upper respiratory I’ll feel better once I get moving. Some miles are better than no miles, I kept repeating in my head.

Indeed that’s true. Got into a rhythm quickly and was clicking off relaxing easy ones when it started to rain. With the cold I told myself to wrap up the loop and head in. After all I got my run in no matter how short it was. But 5 minutes later it stopped and I was able to put in another 2K. Sometimes you just don’t know. Resolution may just be around the corner or mere minutes away. Persistence and patience pay off. And I hope I’ve shown to the powers that be that I’ve earned my share of good times on July 2.

Number of days of running: 4
Total mileage: 34.12K
Notes: Due to 2 days of layoff, this has been the worst week I’ve had. It started off very well, coming off the recovery days following the Honda Half Marathon, but work stress caught up with me. The 5-hour daily meeting sessions with the regulators meant my fluid intake were minimal, subsisting on coffee. Add in disrupted sleep and infrequent bowel movements, I was a walking recipe for illness. I was lucky, the symptoms were flu-like without any fever, which on paper, meant my downtime wouldn’t be as long.

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