Week 2/18

Tempo Tue (20 mins between 4:50 – 4:58)
Distance Covered: 8.23K
How it went: Week 2 kicks off with a 40 Tempo. To better track my splits post workout, I no longer program my warm up and cool down segments into the watch. This allows me to adjust the duration of both the warm up and cool down phases, meaning if I’ve more time to spare, I’ll warm up longer. And that works very well if the body needed a longer time getting into gear. There are a number of mornings just like that! This morning, I took slightly over 15 mins for the warm up and managed to cover 2.62K working the pace down to 5:33+. Tempo was 20 mins. Following the kick off last week where I retained GCAM17’s 5:00 pace, it was time to run this training cycle’s pace which is between 4:50-4:58. Again, I didn’t monitor the individual splits and just ran by feel. In the end the average logged was 4:55. Pretty chuffed with that. Hopefully as the training progresses, I’ll be able to move that average closer to 4:50. Cool down was slightly over 10mins covering 1.54K. Great workout!

Easy Wed
Distance Covered: 6.29K
How it went: Just ambling along to scores from Memphis Belle, Moana and Dunkirk. Felt the outer right knee twinged a few times at regular intervals – slightly painful sensation. Maybe it was the positioning of the knee when I did my crunches, maybe it was the ITB which I haven’t had since the early ’90s. Don’t know what it is.

Distance Covered: 5.07K
How it went: AM: Did some pretty intense core strengthening workouts focusing on the midsection.
PM: Failed tempo. Very warm. Waited till late evening but the body was just sluggish (6:15 > 5:42 > 5:27 > 5:21 > 5:04) with a harder than usual breathing. Thought about the December marathon, and the pursuit of my moonshot – whether it’s wise to squeeze another good race before year end or to rebuild again for the assault in 2018. You know, if I should downgrade to the Half instead of forcing things. Since the race is yet to open, there’s still some time to see how things go.

Easy Sat
Distance Covered: 16.55K
How it went: Just like the week before, Friday turned out to be a rest day. I was plainly tired, both mentally and physically. Torrential rains lashed down on the drive to work, resulting in a 2-hour journey. It’s plain sickening to be stuck in a seated position for that period of time adding to the gloom. Luckily, there was a chance to get in a double digit distance on Saturday with a pre-AugustMan Clinic 9K with Nick around the Lake and a short 3.4K after that. Clocked another 4K in the evening, 2 with C2 prepping for his 3K race and 2 solo. It was close to 7 min pace but it felt good and put me in a relaxed state of mind.

Hilly Sun
Distance Covered: 18.2K
How it went: Fab Fast Finish run. A languid 6:46 kick-off and then it got progressively quicker. Even the hills were done in sub-6 min pace and only the dangerous sections where we needed to walk were slower. Last few Km splits were 5:50 > 5:31 > 5:40 > 5:55 > 5:37 > 5:17 > 4:45. The Tracer is one heckuva shoe. It feels different when taken slow and just excellent in 5-min and below pace!

Week Total: 54.3K
Training Notes: I keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t look too much into things at this stage, going through tough months at the office while stimulating the body’s strengthening process through a greater variety of exercises. The crucial component, of course, would be getting in adequate rest and sleep, failing which adaptation will not take place. I’m satisfied with what I’ve got at this point.

Looking back: Week 1


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