GCM18: Week 9 (SOS Week 4)

Halfway point!

Menu: 8K Easy
Shoes: Span
Legs felt find after yesterday’s 15K (race report) in the Vaporfly. Amazing shoes! Took the running at a very slow pace.

Menu: 2K Warm Up > 5x1K > 2K Cool Down
Shoes: Tracer
It’s obvious that I tend to do better with longer intervals. Which was why I loved the Cruise Interval sessions when training for GCM17. It’s something to do with getting into the groove. 4:46 > 4:38 > 4:35 > 4:40 > 4:43

Wednesday: REST
No running but a bit of hips, glutes and legs mobility exercises. Started to feel achy, not from the strains of the workouts but from the vicious flu that’s knocked out no less than 6 persons in the office. I could hardly stay awake in the office.

Menu: 2K Warm Up > 13K MP > 2K Cool Down
Shoes: Elite 9
It’s been said that how you react to setbacks define your path to success. Take me back 1.5 years ago and how I approached today’s workout would’ve been different. Having felt progressively worse by the minute yesterday as a result of a flu outbreak at the office, I was surprisingly calm. The Hansons program is designed in such a way that every workout is scheduled in a certain way to ensure the runner reaps the cumulative fatigue effect so desired. This morning was an SOS workout and I was down with flu. I decided last night that should I feel crappy this morning, I would swap today’s tempo with tomorrow’s easy run. With 2 days of easy running to come before Sunday’s 24K, there’s  little leeway to move some workouts. As long as they’re both not SOS.

As luck would have it, I woke up feeling not too bad and so was able to stick to the workout. Instead of MP (5:09 – 5:12), I decided to run by feel. Overall, it was a right call. I got the distance in and the average pace of 5:15 was not too far off the base:  5:24 > 5:14 > 5:28 > 5:16 > 5:19 > 5:13 > 5:14 > 5:17 > 5:12 > 5:15 > 5:14 > 5:11 > 5:07

Menu: 10K Easy
Shoes: Span
Poor run. Went to the doctor’s and got myself some meds and a rest day.

Menu: 8K Easy
Body was sore all over from the flu. 8K felt like 10 and was just glad to cover it, regardless of pace. A busy day, with a major grocery shopping outing and a long-delayed session at the physio. They certainly worked by calves and quads, after which put my through the most intense quads, glutes, hams and calves strengthening routines I’ve ever done. Over 800 reps done!

Menu: 24K Long Run with 2nd half quicker than the 1st.
Shoes: Epic React
Considering the flu that I had to deal with the last 4 days, I’d say I wrapped this week up in an epic manner. It was never going to be easy but how we deal with challenges mentally, and my pragmatic approach to the easy days ensured that I didn’t miss any session and was even to put in several clicks of surging over the later part of the run.

Total distance logged for Week 9 was 79K. Next week will see a measly cutback of 5K before making a jump into the ‘90s!

The GCM18 Early Bird entries have closed but you can still register under the normal rates.

2018 will be the 40th running of the Gold Coast Marathon (GCM). I’ll be returning for my 8th GCM and training plans have been drawn up. Won’t you join me for some Good Times? Hit the image below to get to the official Gold Coast Marathon website! Do join the Team Malaysia Facebook page to get all the local happenings, updates on training sessions, tips on travel and running the race on the Gold Coast.

Changing Course

Nearly 90 days into the new year and there’s been plenty of changes in my workplace. A colleague will be retiring after serving over 20 years while another decided to leave the stress of corporate life for health reasons. By early April, our unit will be downsized by 50%, with little chance of reinforcements. A scene from a fave movie comes to mind. The first was a scene from Aliens, where Pvt Hudson played by Bill Paxton was on the verge of meltdown following the destruction of the rescue craft and Burke (Paul Reiser) retorted with an amazing comeback which I’m sure he ad-libbed. In case you’re wondering, it could’ve been me playing Hudson and my boss, Burke. Watch this with emphasis at the 0:19 timestamp.

It’s obvious now that there’s little chance of me pursuing a marathon goal for the year. Unless I can take 1.5 hours off my already compressed 6-hour sleep to train. Even if I could hack training and work without physically breaking down, I’ll have nothing left for my family and will definitely be asked to leave the house.

I figured that the only way I’m going to retain any joy and keep my self competitive streak going in my running, I’ll have to shelf marathon plans for the year, or at least until things stabilize at work. This would mean that GCAM could very well be the only overseas race I’ll be doing, and it’ll just be a Half Marathon at that. There would be no RJM, no Osaka, no Kobe. If things lighten up after September, I may be able to do Chiangmai in December but I don’t want to go for the sake of just going.

When the decision was made last week, I felt an almost immediate relief of pressure. I’ve been running with a weight of multiple commitments (which wasn’t only physical but on my emotional level) on my shoulders for far too long. I’m aiming to cut off more encumbrances over the next few months as I aim to simplify my commitment outside family, work and pursuit of running goals.

As early as this year still is, I’m just focused on getting through it. I already have marathon plans in faraway places next year and that’s what keeping my dreams alive.

Published March 18, 2013.